Beko Washing Machine – Model WME7267 Review

This washing machine holds loads of clothes or laundry, has a quick wash cycle that you can choose the temperature for if you like and a spin cycle that you choose can define the spin speed from a range of 800rpm – 1600rpm.

The Pros

The main feature that stands out with this Beko washing machine is the ability to choose your washing temperature from a range of pre-set settings. Washing your laundry on a lower temperature saves you money and in most cases is also far better for the long lasting wear of your clothes. An example of the flexibility of this washing machine was that I was able to do a wash at a temperature of just 30 degrees and set a spin speed of 1600rpm, which allowed for a very fast wash and just damp clothes at the finish.

Another handy feature I found was the daily wash cycle that allowed for quick washing and I also could set the delay timer function so I knew exactly when my clothes would be washed and ready to hang out on the washing line.

With two colour choices of white and silver you can find a model that will suit your modern home look and the large front door made it really straight forward to load the laundry.

senator wss steam The easy to operate and understand LCD display also made using this Beko washing machine a synch to use and coupled with the very fast spin speed of 1600rpm, I had washing out drying in no time.

This unit comes with an A+ energy efficiency rating and also an A rating for both washing performance and spin dry performance.

The Cons

One negative with this machine was that the machine automatically chooses the spin speed when a programme or cycle is selected which does lengthen the cycle time and there is no manual override for this.

The other downside is that in the economy mode (and a number of other pre-set modes) the wash cycle takes over 2.5 hours which does seem very long to me.

There is also no half load feature with this unit which a lot of other makes have, however it does state in the manual the machine automatically detects the load and adjusts settings to suit, but I found very little difference when washing smaller loads.


For the average retail price of this unit I found it to be an excellent purchase. The quick wash cycles are brilliant as they are full loads with variable temperatures that you choose yourself and when coupled with the drum size it is a very handy everyday washing machine.

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